Washer Set

Washer Sets include:

QTY (2) –  2’x 4′ washer boards,  3 holes with hole protection rings, indoor outdoor carpet, rubber feet, carrying handles, and rules.   Only $151

QTY (1)  measuring tape, $7

QTY (6) 3.5″ Zinc washers,  $14

QTY (1) Scoreboard withstand, tape mount, LED lights, Beer Holders, and Bottle Cap Remover $70

QTY (4) Scoreboard Clips, $9

Set Total  = $521    Buy 1 get 1 Free

Extra –  shipping

To buy a set email sa@throw125.com

High Impact Rubber Feet

Polypropylene Hole Guard

Commercial Grade Outdoor Carpet Glue


125 Washer Kit’s includes component parts you need to build your own set of washers:

QTY (2) –  2’x 4′ washer boards with 3 holes cut.

QTY (6) hole protection rings,

QTY (2) 3’x5′ indoor-outdoor carpet,

QTY (1)  measuring tape

QTY (6) 3.5″ Zinc washers

QTY (1) Scoreboard

QTY (1) round scoreboard stand

All the 2″x2″ cut to size, rubber feet, carrying handles, laminated rules, Score clips and Videos with instructions on how to assemble.

Kit Total  = $152 

Extra –  shipping

To buy a set email sa@throw125.com

125 Washer Plans include:

QTY (1) –  PDF with Washer Plans, Measurements, Suggestions

Videos on how to build.

Washer Plans Total  = $52.10 

To buy a set email sa@throw125.com