Setting Up:

Place your washer boards 10 feet apart on a fairly level surface. Measure 10ft from each of the front corners so boards are parallel. Place scoreboard in middle to the side. Six washers are provided, three per player/team.

Initial Play:

Players must stand on the board when throwing without touching the ground.    After the game has begun, the player/team that scored the most points in the previous round “has control” or “has honors” and has won the right to throw first in the next round. Once a player reaches 16, 19, or 20 and can win with one throw they throw first until they win or bust.

If you need help determining who will go first flip a washer, the tails side has numbers stamped into it.

Two-Player Game (1-on-1):

Each player will throw all three of their washers from the same side toward the opposite board. The first player will throw their three washers; the second player will then throw their three washers to complete one round. After all of the washers have been thrown scores are notated and players will then move to the opposite board to continue play.

Team Game (2-on-2): 

Team members will throw from opposite boards. The first player from Team One will throw their three washers; the first player from Team Two will throw their three washers to the same board. Mark scores, then opposing players pick up washers, and proceed to throw from their side back and again mark scores.

Keeping Score: 

The hole closest to you is worth 1 point, the middle hole is 2 and the furthest from you is 5 points. To score points the washer must fall into the hole and stay. “in and out doesn’t count.” If a washer is knocked into a hole by an opponent, the points go to the player who originally threw the washer.

You have two scoring clips use the one to keep track of last rounds score, one to score this rounds score.  This allows others to check your math.

Winning the Game:

The first player or team to reach exactly twenty-one points wins the game!

OR the first to Throw 125 wins!!

“The Bust”

If a throw adds points to a score that exceeds 21 you just went “Bust” or you “Busted” and you move ALL THE WAY back to zero. If the player/team goes over 21 points again, they automatically lose the game on the second bust.

“Game Point Cancellations”

Every point counts and cannot be canceled until Game Winning Point.  If a player throws into the appropriate “hole” to score the points needed to reach 21 and win the game, the opposing player must throw into the same “hole” to cancel. If the winning point is canceled and the first player still has a washer they haven’t thrown, they can throw again to win. Otherwise, the score shall be neutralized and the next round will begin. That point was (aka, covered, canceled, or munched) Once a player/team can win with 1 throw at 16, 19, or 20 points they will throw first so that the opponent has a chance to cancel.


If a single player, in a single round can throw one washer in each hole in any order at any time, that player/team WINS!!

Cancel a 125? If the opposing player/team has not thrown their washers, they have the opportunity to throw and cancel each hole. If they cover ALL 3 holes then the 125 shall be neutralized and the next round will begin.

125 rules have evolved to increase the fun and pace of a washers game.  We’ve played 135, and played where every throw cancels or played where you bust back to 13, however, we’ve settled on the above rules to maximize entertainment.  Throw 125!!

Rule Disputes

Washer disputed calls by the president of AZWL (aka Eric Craig)

  1. I have 21, the opponent pushes in one of my other washers am I bust?  Yes, your washer points count even if they are pushed in by your opponent.
  2. I shot a 2 to get 21 for the win, the opponent has 16 and shot a 5 to reach 21 who wins? The first person to reach 21 wins!  
  3. I shot a 2 to get 21 with my last washer, my opponent covered/canceled my 2 and then shot a 1 and a 5. Did my opponent get a 125? Yes! 125 wins NO MATTER WHAT *(unless a person throws out of turn). 
  4. I shot a 2 to get 21 for the win, the opponent has 16 and shot a 5 to reach 21 but then shot a 2 to cancel my winning score did my opponent win?   No, your opponent can get a 125 but cannot score points until AFTER they cancel your winning point or 2 in this example.  If they hit the 5 after they cancel your 2 in this example then they win, or if they hit a 5 then cancel your 2 THEN hit a 1 for a 125, then they win! 
  5. I shot a 1 to reach 21 but have a hanger on the one.  My opponent hit my hanger into the 1 busting me but at the same time his washer also went into the 1 hole, did I bust or win?  Your opponents 1 cancels your 1 for the win but since he pushed in another washer of yours into the 1 hole you again win. 
  6. I had 19 but a washer hanging on the 2, my opponent has 16.  My opponent threw their washer which hit mine knocking it in and my opponents’ washer went into the 5 giving him 21 too.  Who won?  If your 2pt washer went in first you win, if the 5pt washer went in first they win.  If you can’t tell, either cancel the throw or each team gets one washer to throw for the tiebreaker. 
  7. If I sink a washer in the 2pt hole to win and get 21 and my opponent sinks two 1pt shots does that cancel my 2pt shot.  Nope, you must cover/cancel the same hole.
  8. If I need a 1 to win but throw a 2 and bust but then throw a 5 and a 1 do I win?  YES, any 125 is a win!
  9. A player bounces a washer off the ground and it lands on the board. That washer is dead and must be removed from the washer board. If that washer bounces off the ground and goes into the hole those points do not count. 
  10. I have 19 and my opponent has 16 who gets to throw first?  The person closest to 21 if they can make it in one throw, so 19.

Please submit any other washer disputes to get an AZWL call to