“The Eternal Washer consists of two parallel circles that never end, never cross and never die.  The Eternal Washer can be seen from the subatomic level to the multiverse level. From the micro to the macro the never ending washer encircles them all. The symbol of the Eternal Washer represents many things but more importantly is a person’s ability to “Be the Washer”.  Being the Washer is the harmonization of your vision and dexterity with that of the universe. When in this perfect state you are saturating your soul with sights, sounds and all sensory information of the environment and consuming the unfolding events within that moment including past, present and future time-space dimensions.  The symbol of the Eternal Washer, with its great beauty, creates intense excitement and deathless inspiration.”

– The Feng Shawn Handbook

The Eternal Washer is the symbol of high virtue, grace, power, and prosperity.  It represents the union of yin and yang, night/day, birth/death, happy/sad, and hope/despair.  Washer rings of Jewelry show that the wearer was a person of high regard, wealth and moral values.  We use Eternal Rings to represent the highest form of sporting competition like super bowl rings and the Olympics.  As read in the Olympic Charter, the 5 washers of the Olympic symbol represents the union of the five continents of the world and the meeting of athletes from throughout the world at the Olympic Games.  The Olympic motto is Citius, Altius, Fortius, which is Latin for “Faster, Higher, Stronger”. Which is also a hendiatris.

Images of Eternal Washers have appeared throughout the world for over 13,000 years.  There are Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Egyptian, Nordic, Indian and Native American theories on the Eternal Washer.  In these historical records, the Eternal Washer symbolizes renewal, the circle of seasons, the circle of the sun and moon, time of day, metempsychosis, consecration, resurrection, and the life of Christ.  The Eternal Washer often symbolizes introspection, cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly recycling or re-creating itself.  It also represents the infinite cycle of nature‘s endless creation and destruction as in the multiverse theories.  The Eternal Washer cycles of life are evident in all beings on Earth and symbolize the belief that all of nature is interconnected by these washer rings.  


Your Washer of Reality

If you use your 5 senses to their max in every direction you are the center of your present universe, the center of your washer of reality. Everything you see, smell, hear, feel and taste are centered in your head reaching out with various levels of limitation to their washer edges. All phenomena perceived by you are subjected to this objectivity, even to the extent that the mental image of yourself merely has a temporal conceptual existence.  Your perception of reality is limited to the reach of your sensory washer edges, as we know eagles see further humans and dogs smell and hear further.  To transcend the edges of your washer reality you must “Be the Washer.”

The genius Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, says it this way. The Eternal Washer symbolized continuity and the human being.  The center dot is the Ego whereas the Self is both the whole washer and the centered dot.  To “Be the Washer” you must let go of the ego and clear out the ego clear out the center dot.



Be the Washer

Transcend by being this-here-now-am.  When you experience an instance of truly “Being the Washer” everything is perfect. These are times when there are no thoughts, movements are effortless, and time is transcendent.  “Being the Washer” is essentially losing oneself, one’s ego, in the moment of activity. The beauty of this state is that it is not limited to athletic endeavors; painters, musicians, writers, surgeons, and chess masters have described similar “be the washer” feelings. You can even encounter this state during everyday life. Whether you are totally immersed in conversation, mowing the lawn, or at your daily job, there are many activities that present you with the opportunity to “Be the Washer.”  When “Being the Washer” our performance becomes automatic, everything is so effortless that we do not even recognize our concentration on the task at hand. In this 125 place, performance is exceptional and consistent, automatic and flowing.  A washer holder is able to ignore all the pressures of the universe and let his or her body deliver the performance that comes naturally.

How to Be the Washer

How difficult is it to achieve the hollow washer state of mind doing without doing the action of inaction? The goal of this mindset is to attain the feeling of behaving in a purely natural way, as when the planets revolve around the sun in a washer-like-orbit.  The planets effortlessly revolve without any sort of fight, control, or attempt to revolve themselves, instead flowing in effortless and spontaneous flowing movement.

Most humans live in a mental state of bondage where we identify with an apparent object in our perceived reality.  This identification—be it with the physical body or with the individualized ego—results in a lack of consciousness of our true nature.  All attempts to force yourself into being the washer are just gesticulation and playacting the power of being the washer.  There is only one thing that can be done, which is to dis-identify yourself with the ego like the hollow of the washer. Then by realizing its unreality and by becoming aware of the eternal washer connectedness, without practicing, one can reach this universal synthesis of 125.  At first, you are deeply embedded with axioms of utilitarianism and all the major entanglements and illusory thoughts that go along with that.  Next, to Be the Washer we must fully comprehend, firstly on an intellectual level but then on a more intuitive level, not only the illusory nature of the ego but also the illusory nature of relative reality itself and finally, phenomenon gradually subside.

Since the volition to surround oneself in noumenon is an oxymoron you must first have the presence of the absence of no-thought.  Wipe out everything objective and leave an emptiness which represents fullness, obtain total absence which represents total presence. Here the thinking and the not-thinking process ends, and the absence of yourself hollow washer center begins. This is where objective absence is the presence of pure non-objectivity.  Here all the time is beyond the reach of time and you are present in every now moment between the tic-toc of serial manifestations via the functions of balance directly and indirectly. Only at such a time can a sentient being, such as yourself, escape from the dungeon of individuality to become one with the center of the washer or lack thereof and “Be the Washer” concurrently.

What we are required to do is to lay everything down, to be nothing, to know that we are nothing, and thereby leave behind the whole process of conceptualization. In so doing we cease to be that which we never were, are not, and never could be. That, no doubt, is bliss, and, since nothing is being conceived, nothing is being perceived, and nothing is being “projected” via the psycho-somatic apparatus of the ego. At that moment the phenomenal universe no longer exists as far as we are concerned. We are sitting in a state of perfect availability.  So well placed we should re-become integrally that which we always were, are, and forever must be. “I am that I am,” said Jahweh which is everything that ever was, is, or could be and no doubt the endless washer and humans were created in kind.

Thow 125!!!